Assets we accept

As a licensed provider of covered non-bank loans, DEUTSCHER LOMBARD operates under the German Act for Pawnbrokers („Pfandleiherverordnung“). Within this framework, we concentrate solely on exclusive objects such as fine art, classic cars and other allowed collateral.

The world of fine art is a vast area spanning centuries and continents. While this includes everything from a Rembrandt etching to a Gerhard Richter Abstract Painting, the principles are the same. Our experts take into account the artist, the uniqueness and provenance of the piece, the strength of the attribution, the supply/demand balance and any data we can locate from auction, gallery, and private-sale records including databases like ArtNet, Art Price or others.

Also, your motoring passion can be our security. Like you we appreciate classic cars. Our experts will dig deep into specialist car auctions like Bonhams or RM auctions, and also talk to people with their finger on the pulse and steering wheel of the market. Of course, we won’t be able to give you a final loan value until we get to inspect it in person.

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